Phoenix1 rebrands to Sentinels and acquires UK Hearthstone pro GreenSheep

Sentinels 1

Former NA LCS organisation Phoenix1 has announced a rebrand, dropping the original name and becoming Sentinels.
Phoenix1 was once famous for its participation in the NA LCS, most notably brining in Michael “MikeYeung” Yeung who earned the Rookie of the Split award with the org before moving onto TSM.
The organisation failed to make it into the NA LCS franchised league at the end of 2017, brining an end to their time in LoL. Instead, they focused on building the brand LA Gladiators in the Overwatch League.
The founder of the organisation, Rob Moore, had this to say on the progress.

“The last year our priority was to build a competitive team and brand for the Overwatch league. Now that Eric Ma and the group have successfully launched the Gladiators, we have decided to relaunch our broader esports organizational brand as the Sentinels.”

With their success at establishing themselves in the Overwatch League, they now look to expand their organisation to compete in other Blizzard esports.
Sentinels has announced the acquisitions of Canadian Hearthstone player, Josh “Impact” Graham, and James “GreenSheep” Luo, to play alongside P1’s Cong “StrifeCo” Shu.
Charlie Lipsie, Director of Esports at Sentinals had this to say on their move into Hearthstone:

“We moved into Hearthstone because of the tournament structure supported by Blizzard. Since we already had the exceptionally talented StrifeCro, it seemed like a natural move to enter the new Hearthstone tour. We’re also exploring new opportunities in other esports. I’ve got my eye on a few more games.”

StrifeCo, Impact and GreenSheep will be looking to qualify for the upcoming Hearthstone Championship Tour. The top 16 Hearthstone players in the world will be invited to battle it out to earn the title of this year’s World Champion.
The Sentinals community recently created a public discord for Hearthstone and org fans alike. Feel like hanging out and talking all things Hearthstone? This is probably a good discord to be in.

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