UK pro FIFA gamers head to Paris for eClub World Cup

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FIFA will hold this year’s eClub World Cup at AMP Studios in Paris, France from May 19th to 20th.

16 professional esports teams will compete at the FIFA tournament, including a handful of top UK players such as UNILAD’s Xbox One player Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing and PS4 player Shaun “Shellz” Springette, Hashtag United’s Ryan Pessoa (who’s also sponsored by Red Bull), Method’s Owen “Venny” Venn and Lightning Pandas’ Sean “Dragon” Allen (Xbox players).

The competition is a part of EA Sports’ FIFA 18 Global Series on the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup, the top FIFA esports tournament which was won by Gorilla last year.

You can check out a video interview by Esports News UK with Shellz, Ryan Pessoa and Chris Bullock here.

Participants in the eClub competition come from esports teams around the world, and took part in online qualifications to secure their places in Paris. A total of 32 players will compete at the AMP Studios.
Esports teams participating in the FIFA eClub World Cup not only compete for a total prize pool of $50,000, but also for four qualification spots in the FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs. At the playoffs, 64 players on Xbox One and 64 players on PlayStation 4 will fight for their places at the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 Grand Final.
Check out the full list of players and teams taking part in the tournament in Paris later this month.


Who’s playing at the FIFA eClub World Cup?

fifa esports changes 2018
PSG eSports
o Xbox One: Corentin ‘PSG Rocky’ Chevrey
o PlayStation 4: Johann ‘PSG Maniika’ Simon
Brøndby eSport
o Xbox One: Muhammed ‘Fifaustun’ Üstün
o PlayStation 4: Frederik ‘Fredberg’ Fredberg
o Xbox One: Spencer ‘UNILAD Gorilla’ Ealing
o PlayStation 4: Shaun ‘UNILAD SHELLZ’ Springette
BU e-sports
o Xbox One: Subaru ‘SubaruMikey’ Sagano
o PlayStation 4: Shota ‘Tsakt’ Sato
Falcons eSport
o Xbox One: Khalid ‘The royal’ Aloufi
o PlayStation 4: Mosaad ‘Msdossary7’ Aldossary
Xolos de Tijuana
o Xbox One: Rodrigo ‘UL1BARRI’ Ulibarri
o PlayStation 4: Reinhard ‘Rein10’ Krause
Arte Virtual FC
o Xbox One: Brenner ‘AVFC Brenner’ Silva
o PlayStation 4: Paulo Henrique ‘AVFC PH Freitas’ Silvade Freitas
FC Schalke 04 Esports
o Xbox One: Tim ‘S04 Tim Latka’ Schwartmann
o PlayStation 4: Lukas ‘S04 Idealz’ Schmandt
o Xbox One: Marvyn ‘Aero’ Robert
o PlayStation 4: Philipp ‘Eisvogel’ Schermer
Hashtag Academy
o Xbox One: Ryan ‘Hashtag Ryan’ Pessoa
o PlayStation 4: Ivan ‘Hashtag Boras’ Lapanje
Vfl Bochum 1848
o Xbox One: Michael ‘MegaBit98’ Bittner
o PlayStation 4: Daniel ‘Dani_Fink’ Fink
o Xbox One: Kurt ‘kurt0411’ Fenech
o PlayStation 4: Daniele ‘IcePrinsipe’ Paolucci
FC Basel 1893
o Xbox One: Florian Fritz ‘CodyDerFinisher’ Müller
o PlayStation 4: Tim Niclas ‘TheStrxngeR’ Katnawatos
Transfermarkt eSport
o Xbox One: Mario ‘MMayo’ Reubold
o PlayStation 4: Nicolás ‘nicolas99fc’ Villalba
Lightning Pandas
o Xbox One: Sean ‘Dragon’ Allen
o PlayStation 4: Nicklas ‘Niller’ Stensgaard
o Xbox One: Owen ‘Venny’ Venn
o PlayStation 4: Kamil ‘Riptorek’ Soszyński

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