Heir 5 becomes fastest-selling EU Smash Bros Melee tournament

heir 5 sells out 1

The UK’s most well-known Super Smash Bros Melee esports tournament – Heir 5 – has sold out in 12 hours.
It sold all 512 tickets for the singles event and reached the tournament cap in a day, making it the quickest-selling Melee event in Europe.

The team are now hoping to increase the venue capacity in order to allow more people to attend:

Heir 5 was announced on Christmas Day 2017, when it received a lot of love on social media.
It will take place on August 17th to 19th in Leicester
Team Heir previously said that Heir 4, which took place in Nottingham last August, was likely going be the last event in the series.
Heir 4’s winner was Leffen from Sweden, with the UK’s top performers including Professor Pro (who finished fifth) and Vanity Angel (seventh).

We’ll update this article with further developments.

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