'A massive statement of intent' – Diabolus sign former MnM players, bringing Phurion, Larssen & XD Smiley back to the UK LoL scene

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Diabolus Esports, a UK organisation set up a few months ago backed by GameByte, have announced their first League of Legends roster.

They have signed most of the roster that played with ManaLight a few years back, and more recently MnM Gaming a few splits ago.
The main difference in the player roster is that Igloo has been added to the top lane in place of Rifty, who has instead decided to play for another organisation.
Diabolus have also brought on board some experienced coaching and management staff, including Doruk, Froomie and Wolf.

doruk diabolus “I’m looking forward to seeing which team is going to lose to us in the finals.”
Doruk “Doruk” Hacioglu, Diabolus head coach

The full roster – including coaching staff – is as follows:

  • Top: Jani “Igloo” Heinonen (Formerly of Enclave Gaming, Raging Turtles Alpha, Team Theory Gaming)
  • Jungle: Lucas “Phurion” Brammer (Formerly of Manalight, MnM, Thunder Baskonia, eMonkeyz, OHM)
  • Mid: Emil “Larssen” Larsson (Formerly of Manalight, MnM, Wind and Rain)
  • ADC: Ludvig “XD Smiley” Granquist (Formerly of Manalight, MnM, Planetkey Dynamics, Vega Squadron, Thunder Baskonia, KIYF)
  • Support: Mantas “Hadow” Sukevičius (Formerly of Manalight, MnM, Perilous Rift, Choke, Euronics Gaming, eMonkeyz)
  • Head Coach: Doruk “Doruk” Hacioglu (Formerly of Excel Esports, Wind and Rain, Nerd Rage, Perilous Void, WildCard_GG)
  • Team Manager: Richard “Froomie” Froom (Formerly of Enclave Gaming, Batmani Begins, Bangorladesh)
  • Head Analys: Danny “Wolf” Brain (Formerly of Navi, Dark Passage, Bulldogs, Enclave Gaming)


‘We have a strong bid for the ESL Premiership title’ – quotes from players and staff

ESL Prem Trophy
Diabolus team manager Richard “Froomie” Froom said in a statement: “With this being Diabolus’ first split in the UK scene, this roster is a massive statement of intent. Four of the players will be remembered as the core four from the Manalight/MnM roster which saw a lot of success two seasons ago, and now return with more experience from higher levels of play.
“They return with a top-laner that made a name for himself in his debut season as one of the UK’s top talents. It won’t take long for the roster to find their rhythm once again, and will no doubt be competing at the top end of the table later this split.
“Having already found success in CSGO, the foundations are set for Diabolus to have a strong bid for the ESL UK & Ireland LoL Premiership title.”
Mantas “Hadow” Sukevičius added: “Really excited to play next split for Diabolus with my old teammates, and ready to bring trophy home yet again.”
Jani “Igloo” Heinonen commented: “After getting another taste of competitive league with Enclave, I’m glad to be back and playing with Diabolus for spring!”

larssen diabolus“I’m back to dominate the UK scene once again.”
Emil “Larssen” Larsson, Diabolus mid-laner

Froomie added: “I’m very excited to start working with this roster, and delighted we managed to make this happen. I was a player when this roster last played in the UK scene, and I remember watching them and thinking: ‘These guys look unstoppable.’
“Getting the chance to manage this roster is huge for me, but I know I’m up for the task. I’m delighted that I could introduce Igloo to the roster, and I know from my time with him on Enclave that he will help take them to the next level of play.”
Finally, Danny “Wolf” Brain stated: “I’m looking forward to the next split, and working with a great coach like Doruk.”

“Really excited to be playing alongside my former teammates again, we’re definitely looking to replicate our previous success and I’m looking forward to working hard under our new home in Diabolus.”
Lucas “Phurion” Brammer, Diabolus jungler

How did the roster get back together?
Diabolus League of Legends team manager Richard “Froomie” Froom explained: “Phurion and Hadow were invited to trial for Diabolus back in late November. Phurion was selected as the standout performer in his role, and was first to agree to join the roster.
“Naturally I discussed with him which players he would like to play with, when he brought up the possibility of XD Smiley taking a step back from full time play in order to finish his studies back home in Sweden. Phurion introduced the idea of joining the team to him, and it wasn’t long before Larssen, who is also returning to school, caught wind of it.
“After discussing Diabolus with them, we organised a few practice sessions, and it wasn’t long before we were negotiating the possibility of them reforming and playing for Diabolus this split. The players were enthusiastic about the idea, and so were the management.
“It’s not every day you get the chance to rebuild one of the strongest rosters the UK scene has seen. The final piece of the puzzle was Igloo, who of course had a solid debut split with Enclave last season. Igloo also trailed back in November where he proved that he is still a competent and competitive top laner.”

froomie diabolus“It’s not every day you get the chance to rebuild one of the strongest rosters the UK scene has seen.”
Richard “Froomie” Froom, Diabolus team manager

Coaching staff background
“A good roster is nothing without good staff behind it,” Froomie added.
“Nick Uttley and Ash Boycott are the CEOs of the organisation, and recruited myself to help them build a league of Legends roster. I was previously with Enclave Gaming, having managed them throughout the 2016 and 2017 seasons. I helped Enclave qualify for both 2017 ESL UK & Ireland Premiership Splits and make the UK Masters Playoffs. Notably, I helped guide Enclave to their first major win at Insomnia 60 back in April.
“The head coach is Doruk “Doruk” Hacioglu. Doruk has been coaching in the UK scene for almost two years, and won the ESL & Ireland UK Premiership with exceL Esports last split. Doruk also coached Perilous Void in 2016, and was an analyst for Challenger Series team Wind and Rain.
“The staff is rounded off with analyst Danny “Wolf” Brain. Just turned 18, Wolf has worked with some of Europe’s top teams, notably Dark Passage and Navi. Wolf’s skills will be a huge benefit for the roster in their bid for the top spot.”

ENUK comment

It’s great to see some experienced hands back together once again. With their experience and talent it’s likely they will be one of the favourites this split – now let’s wait and see what the other orgs have up their sleeves.

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