Esports News UK Scouting Grounds: Recap, MVPs & VoDs

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The first Esports News UK League of Legends Scouting Grounds took place at GAME Belong Bristol on the weekend.
It was the idea of coach Josh “Furndog” Furneaux, who wanted to organise a UK Scouting Grounds tournament for League of Legends players to showcase their skills, and to help organisations find new talent.
Dezachu and Hiprain cast the event from GAME Belong Bristol on the Esports News UK Twitch channel, while Aux and Crane also offered their assistance with the stream, and Cathrine designed some graphics for it (all thanked in full at the bottom of this article).
It was a well-run stream and Esports News UK is delighted to support this initiative.
Even some top LoL content creators were watching (and clipping some good moments)…!

It’s only been a few days since it concluded and several of the players who took part have already received some good offers from esports organisations.
20 players took part (four in each LoL position), down from a list of 50 applicants. We’re talking to Riot now to get RP over to some of the top-performing players and will announce that soon.
Speaking of top players…


The players with the most wins in each role were as follows:

  • Top – kerber0s
  • Jungle – Propapandah
  • Mid – Carniflexin
  • Adc- Lemoknight
  • Support – Harro

They will receive RP prizes from Riot.
Here’s Crane and Aux’s MVPs of the tournament:

Coach/analyst Doruk also posted a very insightful Google Doc opinion piece here on how each player performed, and their win/loss ratio during the Scouting Grounds, which we’ve added below.
There’s also this Google Sheet from Prosfair on some of the player KDA ratios and stats.

The players & their win/loss records

kerber0s chogathkerber0s put in a frightening performance with Cho’Gath in the top-lane

  • kerber0s (W5, L1)
  • The Governor (W3, L3)
  • Artorias (W2, L4)
  • Prelude (W2, L4)


  • Propapandah (W4, L2)
  • Demo (W3, L3)
  • Dakin (W3, L3)
  • Nolte (W2, L4)


  • Carniflexin (W5, L1)
  • Beeley (W4, L2)
  • Mistogun (W2, L4)
  • OnlyVixen (W1, L5)


  • Lemoknight (aka Berserker) (W5, L1)
  • Jakamaka (W3, L3)
  • fax (W3, L3)
  • Aether (W1, L5)


  • Harro (W4, L2)
  • Ewok (W3, L3)
  • Prosfair (W3, L3)
  • Snuggli (W2, L4)



Cheers to the orgs who were interested in the event and were looking at players to potentially sign up:

  • exceL
  • Arctic Storm
  • Barrage
  • Diabolus
  • Dukes
  • Enclave
  • Feenix
  • GLB
  • NerdRage
  • Paria
  • Splyce
  • Stallion
  • The Goose House
  • Hidden Gaming



You can check out the full Scouting Grounds in the day 1 and day 2 videos here:

There’s also a VoD from Prosfair’s Twitch channel which contains the last game of day two (this wasn’t streamed on the main channel) and an interview with kerber0s:
Watch UK Scouting Grounds Support Breaking The 200 LP Barrier from Prosfair on


Thank yous

A very big thank you to the following:

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