Here's the full list of LoL players taking part in the UK Scouting Grounds

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UK League of Legends coach Josh “Furndog” Furneaux is organising a UK Scouting Grounds tournament for players to showcase their skills.
More than 50 players applied to take part, and Josh had the difficult task of whittling this down to 20.
The Scouting Grounds will take place next weekend (December 9th and 10th) and will be cast from the GAME Belong Arena in Bristol. Games will be played online, with Furndog and a couple of casters (TBC) at the Arena.
The requirements for participating players are to have a working mic, speak fluent English, be based in the UK and to have an in-game elo of Diamond 2 or above.
Furndog’s idea was to provide a tournament for players who want to be picked up by teams, and to help organisations scout talent to do that. There’s more info from him below.
Here’s the full list of players taking part (four in each position):

  • Artorias
  • Prelude
  • The Governor
  • kerber0s


  • Demo
  • Skudzy
  • Nolte
  • Propapandah


  • Beeley
  • Carniflexin
  • OnlyVixen
  • Mistogun


  • Innaxe
  • xMatty
  • fax
  • Berserker


  • I’m Artistic
  • Ewok the Cat
  • FRC Blaise
  • Prosfair

furndog thoughts

‘I want to give players the environment to prove themselves’

Scouting Grounds organiser Furndog told Esports News UK: “My reasons for doing this are pretty simple. I want to give both players who want to break into the scene and players who are already established the best possible environment to prove themselves to organisations, and get good offers off of the back of the event.
“I also set this up so that the orgs can look and clearly compare players who they might want for their 2018 rosters, as well as seeing some players perform that they might not have otherwise considered.”

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