'I'm better, I'm different, I'm unstoppable now' – Gross Gore makes changes to stream

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Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen, the popular UK League of Legends streamer, has announced he’s making some changes to his hair stream.
The content creator outlined the tweaks in a Twitter post.
Some of the notable changes include disabling text-to-speech donations mid-game (with them instead being read out after each game), making subscriber mode permanent in chat, and focusing the content on the best Twisted Fate plays.
However, text-to-speech seemed enabled again this evening.
Grossie did also ask his fans if they’d like text-to-speech turned back on, and 50% said yes (out of 2,500+ respondents):

The changes will happen every day for a month and may be made permanent after that, depending on whether they’re successful or not.
They’ve been announced following Grossie’s visit to Twitchcon in the US.

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“Is that Gross Gore reformed and playing the best he ever has? Yes it is. I’m better now, I’m different now, I’m unstoppable now… lads!”
Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen

Gross Gore said: “Twitchcon changed me. Twitchcon was nothing but inspiration to better myself as a streamer, brand and person.
“I’ve been a streamer for nearly five years and always feel that I haven’t ever fully capitalized on becoming the best I can possibly be.
“I have a choice to be one of two streamers: run the stream or let the stream run me.”
Interesting, Grossie speaks about himself in the third person, implying his character on-stream doesn’t necessarily represent him as a person, but as an entertainer. Something we’ve written about in the past. 
“Gross Gore’s reputation is not highly liked and is frowned upon,” he added. “It could be so great but the actions of past streams has done this – the reputation could be restored in the future.
“Therefore you won’t be hearing negative controversial things from him anymore. Gross Gore as a whole will only be seen as the entertainer and brand on his social media, nothing else.”
Finally, he added on stream this evening: “Is that Gross Gore reformed and playing the best he ever has? Yes it is. Yes, it is.
“I’m better now, I’m different now, I’m unstoppable now… lads!”
Oh yeah, and his dog was a bit of a naughty boy…

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