Excel's new female League of Legends team win first DreamHack qualifier

UK esports org exceL Esports have put together an all-female European League of Legends team – and they’re already putting in some strong performances.
The team took part in the recent Challengermode FemaleLegends tournament yesterday (October 8th) and won the first online qualifier, earning themselves points.
There are three online qualifiers and the team with the most points get tickets to DreamHack Winter, top-laner Paleolite confirmed to Esports News UK.
There will be a female League of Legends tournament at DreamHack later this year, with the winner of FemaleLegends entering the tournament at a later stage.
The xL female League of Legends team roster is as follows:

  • Sara “Paleolite” Jakobsen – top
  • Milenka “Mey” Escalera – jungle
  • Victoria “Vicksy” Doman – mid
  • Adelina “Cathrine” Nalsen – ADC
  • Renate “Rencha” Ritina – support


‘The Vicksy show’

As the sole Brit in the team, Vicksy has experience in the UK scene, having played for a range of teams over the past few years and peaked at Master 100+LP.
She absolutely smashed it in the FemaleLegends tournament, especially in the final game where she went 16/2/5 as Viktor with 32k damage. This prompted some in the Twitch chat and the casters to call the match ‘The Vicksy show’. You can watch the VoD here.

Vicksy is known for playing Aurelion Sol, and has put in some mean performances as Viktor in the past, namely one time when Gross Gore went 0/8 in lane against her.

Check out our player profile article on Vicksy from last year here.


‘The female esports scene is growing massively’

The new team will be supported by xL staff including team manager Ryan “Barnetto” Barnett, who also manages Excel’s other League of Legends team, who are in the ESL UK & Ireland Premiership final.
Top-laner Sara “Paleolite” Jakobsen said: “Me and my team are very excited be part of exceL since we admire the professionalism they emit, both towards their players and opponents.”
xL MD Kieran Holmes-Darby added: “We are incredibly excited to take our first steps into the female esports scene. The scene is growing massively and this team will be sure to dominate it.”

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Some members of the team including Paleolite have were unjustly disqualified in a previous FemaleLegends tournament earlier this year.

“Me and my team are very excited be part of exceL since we admire the professionalism they emit, both towards their players and opponents.”
Sara “Paleolite” Jakobsen

Elsewhere, Vicksy and first-team support player Aux will also be appearing at a GAME Belong store this Thursday (October 12th) to support the grassroots League of Legends Arena Clash tournament.

‘We’ll win the ESL Prem LoL finals!’ – Excel Aux and Innaxe (i61 interview)

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