Some UK League of Legends memes and stuff: 20 random things

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The lack of ‘Memes of the Month’ content on Esports News UK has been downright appalling this year, so here’s a bunch of random crap to quell your appetite (for now).

Doc and roll

Let’s get started with something from seasoned UK scene memer Tridd, based on everyone’s former doctor-turned-caster, Medic.


Draggles me back down to Earth

Some stellar Photoshop wizardry from the former UK meme master:

Another classic:


Speaking of that time before the Ardent Censor nerf…

UK ADC Joekerism pulled this one out of the bag:


The Gross Gore random rant of the month

No words necessary for the UK League of Legends streamer/YouTuber.


Tyrin’s washed up UK jungler column 

It’s nice to see good old Tyrin putting out the occasional LoL-based meme:


What pro casters do in their spare time


We’re sorry Hadow



Barnetto on point


Dezachu, I choose you!


When Rifty means business


The Neon Jesus column

Not a meme but how can you not publish this?


True neutral? UK LoL player edition


Not sure what this is or why it exists

But it looks like it’ll fit in nicely here.


Memes of the month

This month goes to ITV for producing an odd video segment on esports and our favourite old school UK scene weirdo Peter “Ped” Goldingay for spotting it.

And Ayleex for this one:

And this one. It’s dangerous to go alone:

That’s your lot for this month and a bit, hope you enjoyed it!

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