Come join the Esports News UK meet-up at EGX

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Whenever there’s a gaming/esports event at the Birmingham NEC it’s a great excuse to get together with the UK esports community over a few drinks.
So that’s exactly what we’ll be doing at EGX this week. Our good friends at ESL have an enormous esports area at EGX 2017 and have kindly given some space for us to meet up and hang out.
The plan is to meet in front of the ESL shop near the back of the venue at around 5pm on Thursday September 21st, and to head to Wetherspoons for some drinks (and maybe some food!) once everyone has turned up at maybe 5.30pm or so.
It’ll be a pretty chilled thing, a community meet-up for those who want to chat and catch up with people interested in or involved in UK esports. You can also talk to us directly about coverage on Esports News UK or whatever else.
Later on (from maybe 9 or 10ish), some of us may be heading over to the EGX industry party in town.
Some of those who’ve already expressed interest can be found here and here.
This is our second community meet-up following our London gathering earlier this year.


  • What: A UK esports community meet-up
  • When: Thursday September 21st, 5pm
  • Where: In front of the ESL shop near the back of the venue, moving on to Whetherspoons
  • Who: People interested in or involved in UK esports
  • Why: For sh*ts and giggles, networking
  • Afterwards: Maybe heading to the EGX Industry Party in town


If you’re planning on attending, please let us know by DMing Dom or ENUK on Twitter.

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