The UK will face Sweden in the Overwatch World Cup Quarter Final

ow world cup uk committee 1

Blizzard has revealed the bracket format for the Overwatch World Cup Playoffs at Blizzcon.
On the left side of the bracket, the undefeated Team UK will face a promising Swedish line-up.
Meanwhile, the underdog teams of Canada and Australia will fight to determine which team gets to the semi-finals.
This bracket looks to be a decider of the kings of Europe – Sweden or the UK – since it looks like France may face difficulties against China.
Elsewhere on the right side of the bracket, South Korea will do battle against the USA.
This side of the bracket seems pretty stacked with both China and South Korea going undefeated. If they beat France and the USA respectively, it should make for a pretty entertaining semi final.
Nonetheless, the USA and France are good teams and can create very exciting matches when Blizzcon kicks off.
Sadly, for UK player Kruise, the only way he can achieve his dream of eliminating the USA is if they meet each other in the Grand Finals.
How Team UK reacted to the draw:

These brackets will be played in Anaheim, California at Blizzcon on November 3rd and 4th.

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