Undefeated Team UK reach the Overwatch World Cup quarter finals

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Team UK have qualified for the Overwatch World Cup last eight, and will play in the quarter finals in Blizzcon this November.
Craig Robinson provides a recap of the group stages and takes a look at the UK’s impressive run so far.
The first series of the weekend was against Belgium. Team UK had a quality opening series as they went 4-0. The first map was Numbani and the UK finished in their attack in a strong time. Although, Belgium had a good assault against team UK, but got stuck approaching 3rd point and lost.
The second map was Ilios and the UK showed up strong. The first two points of the map were held with great control by the UK, which resulted in a quick 2-0 series lead. The third map was Horizon colony, where the UK held the second point well on their defence and then quickly took both points on their attack for the 3-0.
Route 66, the fourth map, allowed the UK to take three checkpoints and fully defend the first point for a clean 4-0 sweep.
Likewise, with Israel, the UK gained another 4-0 sweep.  Numbani was one again the first map of the series. Unlike the last series, the UK had improved on their defensive round and held the first point well. As for the attacking round, they took the point quickly for a quick map victory.
Lijang tower was up next – and Israel really gave the UK a good run on the first and second rounds. The first round was back and forth and Israel won the second point. But UK player Boombox was the king of the third point with his Quadra kill onto the site, which made the UK gain another map win.
The third map was on Volskaya, where the UK showed a solid defensive strategy, as Israel failed to take the first point, shortly followed by the UK capturing it for the third map win.
On Eldorado, the UK had a strong push on to the first two points but was held back for a while at the third point. The UK eventually took the third objective and proceeded to defend well against Israel in overtime at the second point, resulting in another 4-0 sweep.
The final series of the weekend was against Germany. Following the consistency of the past series, Numbani was the first map. The UK opened up the attack with an incredibly quick assault with four mins left on the clock after they took the final point.
Germany came back in with a strong assault as well, although they were locked down at the second point, and couldn’t reach the third point in time. The second map was Lijang tower. The UK team got off onto a strong showing on the first round, but was close to defeat in the second round. However, Team UK came back from a 99% Germany, which resulted in a 2-0 series lead.
In Horizon Colony, the third map, the UK got off to a good start with quick pushes and team fight victories on defence and won 2-1.
The final map of the series was Route 66. Team UK had the first attacking phase and were forced into overtime at the final point, but were not able to finish the final push. The German offensive turn was met with resistance. The UK locked them down at the first corner towards the petrol station, but Germany was able to push them back and took the first point.
The UK was able to defend the second point to earn themselves another 4-0 series, going undefeated in groups.
Team UK also defeated Chinese Taipei 3-0 and qualified for Blizzcon’s quarter finals, which take place in November. There, brackets will be random, so they could face China, South Korea, Sweden, France, Canada, Australia or the USA.
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Drink tea and God save the Queen: The UK just wants to have fun

It’s important to note that the casters consistently praised Team UK for their clear enjoyment of being in LA.
From noting their trash talk, banter and in-game ability, time and time again they said the UK was the team having the most fun. And here you can see why!


Yeee haa

This one’s a little 18+, maybe?

Also a shout out to the UK community, lots of love over there at the UK Overwatch discord.

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