Splyce’s CWL Championship run comes to an end

Splyce eliminated champs 1

Shortly after their win against Epsilon, Splyce were knocked out of the Call Of Duty World League Championship by NA rivals Luminosity Gaming.
You would think that following their intense win against Epsilon, Splyce would come out with more firepower and aggression, but throughout the series they often looked lost and were getting outclassed. This inevitably resulted in the final UK team being eliminated from the biggest tournament of the year.
The first map, Breakout Hardpoint, is Splyce’s weakest Hardpoint by far. This showed on the opening set of rotations, where Luminosity took a lead of 140-33. After this point, though, Splyce managed to pull themselves together and start stringing together some important kills and focused objective work. With the lead diminished, Splyce even started taking control and started mounting a serious comeback.
Their hard work was not rewarded in the end, though, and they ended up losing the map 250-211. It was easy to see how deflated the players were at this point, and not having a break following their win over Epsilon likely left them drained.
This appearance continued in to the search and destroy on Throwback, which Splyce managed to keep somewhat competitive until the final rounds where they seemingly fell apart, losing the map 6-4.
By this point, it was clear that Splyce were not prepared to mount the comeback. Bance’s incredible performance in the OpTic series was not being replicated, Zer0 was being regularly countered by Luminosity’s Octane, and Jurd and Madcat couldn’t clean up like they usually do.
So, in the Uplink, Splyce lost 15-3 in an utterly convincing blowout. The 7-8th place finish is a far cry from what would have been expected just a couple of months ago after their Stage 2 playoff win, but unfortunately that is the nature of the beast.
No UK teams remain in the COD World League Championship going in to Championship Sunday, putting an end to Esports News UK event coverage for the Infinite Warfare season. There have been so many highs and lows for the UK CoD scene this year, and it’s a shame we couldn’t end it on a high at the big one.
We hope to see even more success with the release of Call of Duty: WWII.
(Featured image courtesy of MLG)

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