Team Infused eliminated from CWL Championship

Nolson eliminated 1

Team Infused’s surprise run at the Call of Duty World League Championship has come to an unfortunate end at the hands of CWL Anaheim champions Luminosity Gaming.
The team, originally tipped not to even make it out of the group stage, have finished 9-12th, though they didn’t go out without a fight.
Infused lost their first match of bracket play in Winner’s Bracket Round 2 against FaZe Clan, though a couple of the maps could have gone either way and it gave Infused players and fans a fair bit of hope heading in to the Loser’s Bracket.
Moving on to their elimination match, though, Infused had to face Luminosity Gaming. Luminosity are notoriously strong in Hardpoint, and it would have been ground-breaking to see Infused beat them on any Hardpoint map. This was proved true in map one where Infused lost 250-198, which is admittedly much closer than many would have expected.
Following up from this, Infused made a strong impact with the 6-3 win on Breakout Search and Destroy, making a case for themselves as a legitimate threat with their strong S&D plays.

With a win in the upcoming Uplink, they could have made a real chance for themselves to take the series the distance and win it.
However, LG had other plans and took a 7-2 win on Frost Uplink, with their slaying winning them the map with strict map control throughout.
At 2-1 down, it looked unlikely Infused could do much in the imminent Hardpoint, especially as it was on Retaliation; one of Luminosity’s strongest maps.
And, the final match was a bit of a shut down for Infused. Octane was dictating the entire map, and Infused finally fell 250-92.
Though their Championship dream did not go quite as far as they would have liked, Infused should still be incredibly proud of this placing. With a plethora of huge names in CoD esports underneath them in the standings, the boys shouldn’t feel anything but pride at what they have achieved.

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