Splyce knock Epsilon out of CWL Championship

Epsi eliminated champs 1

In a tense Loser’s Bracket Round 2 matchup, Splyce have knocked Epsilon out of the Call of Duty World League Championship, Jacob Hale reports.
The two came to blows after Epsilon beat Cloud9 yesterday and Splyce lost to OpTic Gaming in Winners Bracket Round 2.
I need to preface this by saying how intense the series was; you couldn’t ask for more from either team.
The opening map was Throwback Hardpoint, which Splyce took 250-168. Splyce came out strong and rarely let up, performing much better than expected throughout.
Epsilon maintained composure going in to the Search and Destroy on Breakout, which is statistically a fairly weak map for each team. Epsilon started by taking a 3-0 lead, but that was soon shut down and brought back to 3-3. Despite slowing down, Epsilon found their groove again and secured the following three rounds, winning 6-3 in the end.
With the series tied at 1-1, the teams were set to play a Frost Uplink, which is statistically each team’s strongest Uplink map. This showed as the two teams struggled to get the better of each other and went to overtime.
In the overtime, Splyce were the first to gain control of the ball and had slotted it home within a minute. To beat them, Epsilon simply had to do the same in less time.
Unfortunately, with payloads working against them, Epsilon were unable to do so and lost the map, bringing the series to 2-1 in Splyce’s favour.

Moving on to Retaliation Hardpoint, Epsilon would be the favoured team here, and they proved why in today’s performance. Spurred on by Dqvee’s impressive AR performance, Epsilon took the map 250-149, and brought the series to its final map; Search and Destroy on Throwback.
The first round was an easy win for Epsilon, with Vortex picking up the ace and having no issues from the side of Splyce.

The two teams traded rounds almost perfectly throughout the map, defining the events of the whole series and showing how well-matched both teams were. Of course, this means it came to a Round 11, and each kill was more important than any other throughout the series.
Splyce eventually took it after some questionable plays from Dqvee with his camo use, and have moved on to face Luminosity Gaming for a place in the top 6.

That does mean the end of the road for Epsilon in Infinite Warfare, though. They challenged European and North American teams alike at the very top level and capitalised on their fourth-place performance at CoD XP 2016, cementing themselves as one of the best teams in the world.

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