UK League of Legends community reacts to new champion Ornn

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Riot Games has made its latest new champion reveal, and it’s a blacksmith who has some interesting item mechanics.
Ornn, The Fire Below The Mountain, uses a cauldron to forge items for himself, without needing to return to the in-game shop. Plus he can upgrade his teammates’ items (one item per player, per match).
This is his passive ability, and he can only do this when out of combat, but it certainly adds a new dynamic to League of Legends.

Outside of this new mechanic, his Q is a ranged skillshot that deals physical damage and slows enemies, which also spawns a small wall after a delay, while his W is an Annie-like close-range flame that makes enemies ‘brittle’.
When brittle, any CC effects on enemies will be extended, plus they will take bonus damage. This gives Ornn many possibilities to synergise well with CC-heavy allies, like tank junglers, for example.
His E is a charge-forward AoE knock-up, while his Ultimate is an interesting ability that summons an elemental, which can be re-directed by Ornn to knock-up opponents and make them brittle:

But the game-changer is of course Ornn’s ability to offer one item upgrade to each of his allies. Each player is limited to one of these upgrades.
These are the items he can ‘upgrade’ to receive ‘increased stats’, as confirmed by Riot:


UK scene reacts

So, what does the UK LoL community think of the new champion? Here are some of the responses we received after asking the question on Twitter:


‘Can’t wait to have a 13-year-old Vayne 1-trick screaming at me to upgrade her Infinity Edge 14 minutes in’ 


What do you think of Ornn and how he will shape up in competitive LoL?
These LoL reaction articles are new to Esports News UK. Our first was this PentaKayle piece. Let us know what you think via Twitter DM.

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