Gfinity Elite Series: Week 2 recap & highlights

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Welcome back to the Gfinity Elite Series recap, provided by Craig Robinson.
Week two saw crucial matches take place that began to set the ladders for each game. It was an important week for understanding how strong and weak each team is. 

Day 1 – Street Fighter V

The first series of the day was between Endpoint and Prophecy. The series went in favour of Endpoint 3-1. Endpoint had a pretty good series as they did last week. With the first series of the day settled, Endpoint was the first team to go 2-0 in the Street Fighter tournament.

Next up was exceL vs Epsilon. This one was very close: Epsilon took the first round, then exceL tied the series and went onto match point, only for Epsilon to tie it right back up and take the series. This placed both exceL and Epsilon in the middle of the standings.

The third series of the day was between Method and Reason. Similarly, with the first series, Method took this one 3-1. The first two rounds were tied up, but Method picked up the pace. This moved Method into a tie for first place, alongside Endpoint, whilst Reason joined Prophecy at the bottom.

Finally, day one concluded with Infused vs EnVyUs. Infused swiftly closed out the match with the perfect 3-0 sweep. To get a sense of how good Infused was this game, check out the video below.
With the final series concluded,  Infused join the top of the standings with a three-way tie for first, whilst EnVyUs joined to make a three-way tie for for last.

With the day concluded, check out the standings for the end of week two for Street Fighter:

Day 2 – CSGO

The first series of the day was between EnVyUs and Reason. As demonstrated last week, NV was a league above everyone else, and this game no different.  Reason looked very weak throughout the series.
They made some comeback in rounds towards the latter half of the first game but were unable to make any significant pushes to threaten NV. Quickly NV won 2-0  and continued their spree of dominance.
Method and Epsilon were up next. Method seemed to have a clear game plan coming into their series. They said that they beat Reason on Cobble, who so happened to beat Epsilon on Cobble, so Method picked Cobble and won that map.
The next map was Mirage, and this time Epsilon dominated much of the map. Method tried making some comebacks but Epsilon wanted revenge for the first map. Overall the series was tied which placed Epsilon at the top of the standings, and Method was in the middle of the ladder.

Infused and Endpoint entered this series 0-2 last week, so this match was very important to win.  The first map was on Cache,  and what a match that turned out to be!
Infused were hard winning for much of the series, till Endpoint won a few clutch rounds. Eventually, Endpoint came back when it was their turn to play T side. The match was forced into overtime by a 3v1 play by Immi, who then took his team to victory in overtime 19-17.
However, Endpoint wasn’t as lucky on the second map. Infused, took the Mirage with a strong showing. They took the first side 12-3 and then dominated the second half when Infused came back from a pistol loss. Therefore, Infused tied the series 1-1 and they both earned one point each.

The final series of the day was between exceL and Prophecy. This series was perhaps the battle of the underrated. Prophecy is still that unknown team, whereas exceL is one of the youngest but hardworking teams, according to people in the scene.
In terms of the series, exceL made a good push against Propechy in both maps, but Prophecy kept their composure and won 16-12 and 16- 10.
The week 2 standings are as follows:

Day 3 –  Rocket League

The day opened up with a strong 3-0 victory to Prophecy over exceL. The latter did have their moments however. The second and the third game was only decided by a one-goal difference per round.
The Second series of the day was between Method and Infused. Like last week, Method made an entertaining series with their opponents. Likewise, their opponent won.
Infused took the match in game 5 making the overall score 3-2 in their favour. The series was pretty even at most parts. Some rounds were only decided by overtime or final few second goals.
Despite the close series, Infused now sit at the top of the standings, whilst Method sit at the bottom. But it looks like by next week Method will look to change things around with their impressively close series’, especially with Prophecy saying they are against them and they look good.

The third series of the day was between EnVyUs and Enpoint. After NV had a poor start to the Rocket League tournament by disqualification, NV came back with a bang! EnVyUs came into week 2 with a perfect sweep against Endpoint. Not much to say about this one but the middle league standings will start to look interesting after next week’s games finish.
Finally, Epsilon and Reason faced one another. The series started off slow in the first game, with only one goal being scored by Epsilon. However, Reason turned things around and won the second round 3-1. From there Epsilon won the following two games.
Many attempts were made to make the series exciting, which concluded the final series of the day as a good way to end the show.

You can now see the standings for Rocket League at the end of week 2 below:
This concludes week 2 of the Gfinity Elite Series. Check back at 5.30pm on Friday to continue watching Gfinity as the Elite Series returns with Street Fighter.

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