Feenix esports Mouse Mat Review

 I have used the Feenix mouse mat excessively over the last few weeks playing multiple games such as H1Z1, Diablo 3 and Runescape.
Fenix are a UK organisation fielding teams in League of Legends UK Masters and have been represented all across Europe most prominently in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia and Finland.

My original thoughts when being offered a mouse mat to review was that it would be fine, then it arrived and to my surprise it was a lot larger than most mouse mat’s akin to the Razer Goliath in size, the Feenix Sombra mouse mat’ is a lot larger, for those card gamers out there it’s a lot larger than your average standard playmat.
If you’re like me and you’re a PC Gamer who plays with a lower DPI and sensitivity settings, you more than likely give your wrist a good workout whilst playing for long periods of time, a larger mouse mat is great for this as you don’t have to lift the mouse up and reposition it like you have to do on smaller mouse mats.
I mainly played H1Z1, Diablo 3 and some Runescape using this mat, however, these were very long play sessions of 8 hours onwards, the great thing about the mouse mat is that during long play sessions the smooth and comfortable rubber/plastic design is very comfortable to play on whereas with a normal sized mouse mat there some gap where your wrist can rub against your desk.
The best thing about this mouse mat is that because of its size you can fit your mouse and keyboard on the mat, now why it may seem non-essential to place your keyboard on a mousepad but by placing the mouse and keyboard on the same surface leave you with a ton of room to spare
The Feenix Sombra Extended mouse mat is 900x400x3mm and has a smooth and comfortable durable plastic rubber with a design sublimation on top.
As you can see from the below image, the mouse mat is almost twice the size of my previous “full desk” mat.

Note from the editor and Disclaimer: The above product was supplied to Cameron by Feenix.gg

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