Gfinity Elite Series W1 D2: How did the CSGO teams do in their opening week – recap

gfinity elite series 1

Gfinity Elite Series kicked off their CSGO portion of their tournament yesterday with 9~ hours of intense action.
The teams that participated this week were Method vs exceL, Endpoint vs Prophecy, EnVyUs vs Infused and Epsilon vs Reason.
Gfinity scheduled a Bo2 series for each team.  Teams competed for series points in each series, based on 3 points for winning and 1 point for drawing a series.

Series 1

Method and exceL kicked off the day with a crazy opener on Mirage and then Nuke.  The first pistol round went to exceL and a method player fell ill;  everyone thought the situation looked very bleak for Method. Nonetheless,  Method came back in with fighting spirit and took the loss and illness on the chin. By the 5th round, Method had the economy to fight back and they brought their A game to excel. The game continued with a back and forth scoreline, where eventually Method took the win 16-11.
The second map was on Nuke. This was excel’s turn to show off why they picked Nuke as their map preference. exceL demonstrated with passion their power on the map, they convincingly took the map 16-5 and tied up the series 1-1, granting both teams 1 series point each.

Of course, a UK competition couldn’t go without a grand UK memey meal.

Series 2

The second series of the day was between Endpoint and Prophecy. This match proved there is always something interesting about UK esports. Endpoint, a fairly establish UK team with legends of the scene fought against the wildcards, Prophecy. There were on-air predictions that Endpoint could go 2-0 or 1-1, although Prophecy had other plans! Prophecy showed up and destroyed Endpoint on Train 16-5, and then gave them a good run on Overpass winning 16-10. Speculate as you will, but is Propechy a force not to be reckoned with?


Series 3

The third series of the day was between EnVyUs Academy and Infused. The odds on favourite for this series was definitely EnVyUs. AaroN in a pre-game interview said it was going to be difficult to face EnVyUs, but they would give it a good shot regardless. Also, it’s worth noting that Infused had recently picked up some young UK players, who would accompany their all-stars AaroN and RedSNK in Gfinity, and so needed the LAN experience together And with those pre-game assessments, EnVyUs took the series 2-0 by winning Cobble 16-5 and Inferno 16-9.


Series 4

The final series of the night was between tournament favourites Epsilon vs Reason.  This series was a very interesting, Epsilon really went all out on the first map Overpass, giving Reason no room to breathe and took the map 16-2. The second map Reason Gaming returned the heat. Reason Gaming got their map on Cobble, where they defeated Epsilon 16-6, thus ending the night with a tie.
The second map Reason Gaming returned the heat. Reason Gaming got their map on Cobble, where they defeated Epsilon 16-6, thus ending the night with a tie.
But before we conclude this article, check out this video of Epsilon’s gaming house they have been preparing in for Gfinity – not bad, hey?

This concluded week1 of Gfinity’s CSGO tournament.  Gfnitiy will kick off their Rocket League tournament tomorrow. Check back on the Gfinity stream at 12:30 pm for exceL vs Reason!

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