Who took victory in Gfinity's Elite Series opening Street Fighter action

gfinity elite series 1

Gfinity kicked off its Gfinity Elite Series yesterday with Street Fighter V.
Infused, Prophecy, EnVyUs, exceL, Endpoint, Reason, Method and Epsilon opened up W1D1 of Gfinity with intense competition.
The evening opened up with intense action from Method vs Epsilon. Epsilon gained a quick series advantage by going 2-0.  However, Method fought off their early series struggles and quickly tied the series 2-2. The final game of series was just as intense. Method’s team captain Packz, came back in the final game to redeem his game 1 defeat. The game was really close up until he got the combo to K.O his opponent, thus giving Method a reverse sweep 3-2 victory.

Game 2 of the night was between Endpoint and Reason. Likewise, this series was back and forth. Both Reason and Endpoint took games off each other, making the series balance out. Similarly to Method, Endpoint’s Gino was responsible for winning the series at the most crucial time. After losing the first game of the series, he came back to earn his team their first series victory.

Game 3 of the night was between EnVyUs and exceL. EnVyUs opened the game with an eccentric victory over game 1 – no surprise as exceL was classed as the favourites, according to the PBP casters. However, exceL bounced back and won the series 3-1. They stepped up in their following games by going 2-1 in game 2 and 3, and then took game 4 with a 2-0 finish!

The final game of the night was between Infused and Prophecy. Following on from the 3-1 victory, this series followed in a simlar fashion. Prophecy took game 1 with a  2-0 win over Infused. But Infused bounced back. Infused progressed well with some clean rounds. Infused’s Afii played Game 3 and 4 well with some clear anti-air moves into combos to grant his team victory.  They took the following games and closed the series 3-1.

This concluded Week 1 Day 1 of Gfinity Elite series. Gfinity will continue throughout the weekend with CSGO beginning Saturday, followed by Rocket League on Sunday.

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