Amateur UK CoD team Cyberstorm to attend major international event

cyberstorm gaming desktop wallpaper out 1

In a GFuel Amateur Spotlight courtesy of Dexerto, it has been announced that Cyberstorm Gaming are sending their amateur Call of Duty team to this weekend’s CWL Anaheim event.
The team hopes to cause a storm and pick up some invaluable pro points that could send them to the Gfinity Last Chance Qualifiers and, eventually, August’s Call of Duty Championships.
The squad, consisting of Jxcko, George, Explicit and Veckz, managed to secure some funding for the event, as well as some self-funding.

In his interview with Dexerto, team captain Jack “Jxcko” Ivins spoke about their expectations and reasoning for their trip.
“The open bracket is known to be very unpredictable, difficult and strenuous,” he said.
He added that his expectations are not set too high; he simply wants the team to play their best and do whatever they can.
He also commented that many people have asked why they are bothering to go; the talent pool is clearly very high and it is unlikely that Cyberstorm will be making a deep run in Anaheim.
Jack explained: “We’ve got an opportunity to play Call of Duty in America and we aren’t silly enough to pass it up.”
Can’t argue with that.
Jack cites fellow UK players Tommey and GPL Stage 1 Champion Jurd as players he loves to watch, despite initially finding Call of Duty esports through the bigger North American teams.
Watch CWL Anaheim on MLG TV, and keep an eye out for this young home-grown talent to make an impact in the open bracket – the UK has proved it’s on the up for young Call of Duty talent, and things can only get better.

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