Choke Gaming return for LoL UK Masters Qualifiers with new roster

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Long-running UK esports organisation Choke Gaming are attempting to make another comeback.
The org ceased operations in August 2016 following disputes between former manager Vincent Clarke and other Choke management.
They wanted to make a comeback earlier this year but failed to qualify for the ESL UK & Ireland Premiership.
Now, they have formed a new League of Legends roster in a bid to qualify for the UK Masters.
They’ve picked up players including Belgian player Bwipo, who has played in the Turkish LCL with Dark Passage, as well as Russian player Lasagna, formerly of Choke and Na’Vi.

Team manager Louis “Sméagol” Green told Esports News UK: “Ideally I would like the roster to come top four. That’s my goal.
“I’m happy with the team that’s come together – there’s some real talent and a couple of rookies that can be nurtured by the more experienced players. Our support player Ash has already said he loves the 5s environment and loves playing with the likes of Bwipo, as his knowledge and shotcalling really can change the outcome of the game.”

“Ideally I would like the roster to come top four. That’s my goal.”
Louis “Sméagol” Green, Choke Gaming

So, does Choke have a coach?
“Nope, we haven’t bothered with a coach yet as Bwipo is almost a coach himself,” Louis added. “He’s one of the most knowlegable and confident shot callers I’ve worked with.”
Six teams have already qualified for the UK Masters, meaning this week is Choke’s last chance to qualify (unless they end up picking up another org-less roster which have already qualified).
Choke Gaming also has Tomas ‘Chin’ Davis as general manager.

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