Stylosa, numlocked and Kruise named Overwatch World Cup UK Committee members

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The votes have been cast and counted, and the Overwatch World Cup committees have been confirmed.
The three people in the UK committee – who will be responsible for putting together Team UK – are Stylosa, numlocked and Kruise.
Streamer/content creator Stylosa has made the cut despite catching the ire of some members of the UK Overwatch community.
He put a tweet out (which he later deleted) suggesting people shouldn’t vote for pro players, as they will end up being on the final UK World Cup team anyway.
He’s now promised that Team UK will make the Blizzcon finals.
The three people on the UK Committee said:


“Stylosa here! I would be honoured to represent my country on the managerial committee. In this advisory role, I’ll build the BEST possible PRO team. Mark my words. We WILL make the Blizzcon Finals.”



“I’d love to be elected as a committee member as I’ve led team UK across multiple titles throughout my career as a professional gamer and take great pride in doing so. I’d love the opportunity again.”



“I’ve been always playing Overwatch in top teams. I’m currently playing for eUnited, who are viewed as a top team in Europe. I have a lot of experience in shot calling and would love to lead the UK to victory.”

The UK has been placed into group H along with Germany, Israel and Belgium.
group h overwatch world cup
You can see the full list of groups, countries and committee members on the Overwatch World Cup website.

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