Eye 4 Esports acquire new Call of Duty roster

E4 CoD 1

Eye 4 Esports have made the move to pick up a new Call of Duty roster. This marks their return to CoD after leaving the scene a little under a year ago.
The new squad, formerly of Zealous Esports, managed to fight through the Open Bracket at CWL Birmingham to make it into the group stage, before finally placing 13-16th for the weekend.
The team, consisting of Jordan “Kruzn” Yates, Martin “Trance” Beaumont, Olav “Fjeldzy” Hansen and Ben “BennyG” Garland, will represent E4 at EGL Sheffield and plan to continue into GPL Stage 2 and CoD Champs qualification.
Kruzn said about the move: “We are extremely happy to have been given this opportunity to join Eye 4 Esports and we also think that this is a great move for us as a team.”
He also mentioned their solid i60 performance, stating that they have proven they can go toe to toe with the top European teams.
The acquisition comes shortly after E4’s pickup of FIFA player Valbuena, so it is clear they have serious plans to expand.
Image credit: xL_Defy / Flickr

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