YouTubers hacked by OurMine including Foxdrop, Nightblue3, Kiandymundi & LeafyIsHere

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Several top gaming YouTubers have been hacked by a group known as OurMine.
UK League of Legends video producers Foxdrop and Kiandymundi have been hit by the hack, as have other big YouTubers including Nightblue3, LeafyIsHere and more.
Affected YouTubers have had all of their video titles changed to: “OurMine Are Back!… ( Read the description )”
Other top gaming YouTubers affected include Miniminter and h3h3productions.
While the YouTubers haven’t actually had their individual channels or accounts breached, the hack has instead targeted digital content network Omnia, which these YouTubers are a part of.

The site content manager at League of Legends information site Lolking says he has also been affected:

The hack has been made by a group known as OurMine. They have also changed the video description of videos on the Omnia network to: “Hey, it’s OurMine don’t worry we are just testing your security, please contact us for more information.”
OurMine have also included a link to their email address and website, which leads to an ‘Account Suspended’ page.
OurMine have apparently previously hacked celebrity internet accounts to advertise their security services. The hack doesn’t appear to be malicious, but looks like it has been made to highlight security failings.
Omnia tweeted to reassure its users and says that no accounts have been seriously compromised.

One YouTuber and streamer, Jericho, tweeted:

Kiandymundi saw the funny side of the situation:

Some have suggested the hack is an April Fools gag, but unlike our own hilarious April Fools post here, it makes no sense for a network company to do this to their clients.

This Reddit post has more details.

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