The Associated Press says it's 'esports' not 'eSports'

Writing and editing reference the Associated Press Stylebook is set to recognise competitive gaming as ‘esports’ with a lower case ‘s’.
That means no more ‘eSports’, ‘e-Sports’ or even ‘eSportz’.
The reason for it being recognised as ‘esports’? “Industry trends and general usage,” apparently.
Glad that’s settled then.

British esports host Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner is one of esports’ (with a lower case ‘s’) strongest advocates. He reacted with this tweet:

The Associated Press have also recognised ‘internet’ with a lower case ‘i’ and have removed the hyphen from ‘e-mail’ to become ’email’.
The Associated Press is a news agency whose content is published by thousands of publications and broadcasters around the world. Its Stylebook is widely regarded as an acceptable standard in publishing.
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Source: Polygon

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