The Esports News UK charity forfeit photos…

dawoud sandstorm pink beard 1

You came, you saw, you donated, and you helped our charity stream hit a few milestones earlier this month (as well as raise £650). Now it’s time for us to stick to our word and release the embarrassing photos.
First up, caster Dawoud “Sandstorm” Dawoud, agreed to dye his beard if we hit the £200 milestone raised for SpecialEffect.

Next up, team Esports News UK would release ’embarrassing younger photos’ of themselves if the stream raised £500.
Dom Sacco:
dom old
Cameron Peberdy:
David Hollingsworth (right):
David in white
Nick “Crane” Turberville:
nick crane
Craig Robinson (bottom left):
Young Craig bottom left
Luckily for UK League of Legends player/coach Jamie “Tundra” Duthie, and coach/esports executive Rob Allen, their milestones weren’t hit, and they got out of cosplaying as Tundra Fizz and eating a ghost chili respectively.

Dom also got away with sharing an extremely embarrassing music video of him and his old band.
There’s always next year…

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