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On Esports News UK it’s easy to fall into the habit of just writing articles about better players than us all the time, whether it’s interviews with rising stars, UK scene drama or the rims on Gross Gore’s car.
Well, we thought it was about time we did something to give back to the community.
We’re organising a 24-hour charity stream on Saturday March 4th from midday! We will have plenty of League of Legends matches but hope to have a small mix of other competitive games too i.e. maybe Rocket League, Hearthstone etc.

There will be:

  • Team owner 1v1s
  • Casters/streamers vs community matches/1v1s
  • Community 5 low elo vs 3 high elo LoL matches
  • Team Riot vs Team UK
  • UK teams playing different games e.g. Team EndPoint CSGO playing Overwatch
  • Coaches/community vs players

We’ll hopefully have backing from Riot Games, some special guests and some goodies to give away on the weekend!

Who are we raising money for?

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We’ll be raising money for an amazing charity called SpecialEffect. They put fun, inclusion and confidence back into the lives of people with disabilities by helping them to play video games.
Please help us reach our (incredibly ambitious) target of £5,000 so that people with disabilities can enjoy the games we take for granted.

When is it? 

Saturday March 4th midday to Sunday March 5th midday.

Want to play on the stream or help cast it?

We’re looking for people to take part and casters to cast this! It’s open to everyone, but of course the more UK esports scene folk the better.
You can even challenge other people (maybe your rivals) to 1v1 matches!
If you’re interested, please fill this form in so we can schedule everything.

How to donate

Please visit our Justgiving page here.

Please save the date and share

Remember it’s from Saturday March 4th midday to Sunday March 5th midday. Please share this article and donate to raise awareness!
Dom Sacco & Team ENUK

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