The Chavs beat Team Dignitas 3-0 to win Overwatch Xtra Cup in Paris

overwatch contender cup 2 uk 1

The Chavs, an Overwatch team featuring some British players and coach Billy “Nutri” Wragg, known for his UK LoL Lan wins, beat Team Dignitas today.
They won 3-0 in the final of the Xtra Cup in Paris, which has a prize pool of €5,000.
Prior to this, they secured a 2-0 victory over GDK in the semi-final.

The Chavs have already won several Go4Overwatch and other cups already, and will now look ahead to even brighter things in the future.
It’s an especially meaningful and convincing victory for The Chavs, considering that Team Dignitas had revamped their roster ahead of the finals.
You can check out more information on The Chavs and Team Dignitas’ Overwatch rosters here.

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