London LYNX acquires UK CSGO team GTN in time for Insomnia59

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UK eSports organisation London LYNX have been prowling the UK CSGO scene for some time – now they’re going for the jugular.
The org have acquired the CSGO team known as Generic Team Name (aka GTN), who have been performing in the current UK Masters league.
This team made it through ESEA Intermediate and are now in the playoffs. London LYNX are also planning on sending them to i59 which takes place at the Birmingham NEC from December 9th to 11th.
The roster is as follows:

  • Zain “Trouble.” Panjwani
  • Richard “isaac” Isaac
  • Steven “Snakey.” Dang
  • Ricky “MajorLeeMessedup” Wong
  • Wayne “AhB” Chan

LYNX – which have been around since 2013 and led by co-founders Andy Smith and Gareth Sissons-Rowe – have had a couple of Counter-Strike line-ups in the past. These included paynt, som, ALIG, stato, and vertiGo, and the ex-4k roster they acquired had well-known streamer Craig “onscreen” Shannon within it.
The org recently announced on Twitter they were relaunching, and can now share the news of their new team.

London LYNX co-founder Andy Smith told eSports News UK: “With the new announcement we are also taking a new stance to how we approach the UK scene, as our main goal is to improve the quality of the scene itself.
“With this we’re going to be providing support for new and upcoming players and teams within the scene, who are looking to take the next steps towards becoming professional.
“Now we’re glad we can announce our first team, they’ve been known as ‘Generic Team Name’ GTN and have been showing some strong results, more recently qualifying for UK Masters and gaining the experience against the top teams in the UK scene.”

“We have stuck with a solid core of players – I feel this has allowed the team to consistently build our synergy together, and we are only getting better as time goes by.”
Richard Isaac, London LYNX

Player Richard Isaac added: “We (GTN) are happy to announce that we will now be representing London LYNX in all current and future events we will be participating in! We look forward to continuing our progress as a team with the backing of such a supportive organisation and would like to thank them for this opportunity.
“Currently we are aiming to continue our strong performance in ESEA (Intermediate) from the regular season into the playoffs (where we are currently in the quarter-finals), attend our first LAN event as a team (aiming for i-series) and close out the end of our UK Masters season with a couple of wins.
“I’ve been playing Counter-Strike on and off since 1.5, although I was only a kid back then playing against bots! I first moved into competitive CS on Source and have always ended up coming back to it since. Right now my main focuses are improving both individually and with my team – and growing my stream where I broadcast all of our matches.
“One important part of our team ethos is that most problems encountered within the team can be fixed by putting the time and effort in to do so, rather than making changes to players in the roster etc. This has allowed us to stick with a solid core of players, only having to change one player at the beginning of this season due to real life commitments.
“I feel this has allowed the team to consistently build our synergy together, and we are only getting better as time goes by.”

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