'I always bunked lessons and stuff' – Toaster tells BBC Radio 4 of his love for gaming over studying (audio)

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BBC Radio 4 recently ran a feature on eSports for its ‘You and Yours’ show, covering the summer 2016 ESL UK League of Legends finals.
They interviewed several people from the finals at London Comic Con, including host Matt Andrews, ESL UK co-MD James Dean, caster Joe “Munchables” Fenny and Origen/Epiphany Bolt player Augustas “Toaster” Ruplys.
Toaster said: “I’ve been playing since I was like five years old. I got into League of Legends around six years ago, and three years ago I realised I could do well.
“You can make a lot of money – the really big players can make like £300k a year.”
He added: “League of Legends is the only thing I truly have a passion for – it’s what I live for. I was never really into studying, I always bunked lessons and stuff.”
You can listen to the full report below:

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