Former TSM coach Jarge brands UK League of Legends scene 'a cesspit' in Twitter rant

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The UK League of Legends eSports scene is ‘a cesspit of people happy to be big fish in a small pond’, says former TSM coach and Fnatic analyst Josh “Jarge” Smith.
Jarge made the comments as part of a Twitter rant, after being accused of flaming Epiphany Bolt top-laner Rifty (aka Riscuit) during the ESL UK League of Legends summer 2016 final on the weekend.

Rifty also said in a pre-match team interview (see below): “We definitely have a stacked line-up, but I think our star player is me, because I’m the best person here.”

Rifty later explained it was an attempt at humour, and tweeted about being hated on despite the joke.

Epiphany Bolt coach Tundra then mentioned Jarge in the Twitter thread, which prompted Jarge to have a bit of a rant about the issue.
“That feeling when people want to be respectful in Twitch chat,” Jarge said. “What a world.
“But hey Rifty, let’s ignore the fact that I offered to help your team between the semis and finals, and also the fact that I sent a wall of text explaining how you guys could have a better chance to win. Let’s ignore all that and focus on my making jokes in twitch chat about both teams. Not just one guy.
“This is why lots of UK players arent successful. Any excuse to cry. All drama and no substance.
“Everyone flames in Twitch chat. Get over it. I freely offer advice to all UK players and teams regularly. Painting me as some kind of evil villain cos I was mean in Twitch chat is pathetic honestly.
“Once again I am unfortunately reminded why I should just steer clear of UK scene entirely.”
His tweets drew reaction from the UK League of Legends scene and sparked a wider debate about whether it’s acceptable to flame eSports players on Twitch.”

Excel Esports mid-laner Lukezy and ADC Joekerism hit back at Jarge:

Excel’s coach Josh “Furndog” Furneaux then asked why Jarge doesn’t comment on the positives from the UK scene, and Jarge explained that Twitch chat is not an ‘analytical forum’, before wishing Furndog “good luck in McDonald’s” (see below).
Furndog and Joekerism argued that Jarge is offering to help players in the UK scene, but flaming them on Twitch and how that might change people’s opinions on him.
Some of the tweets made throughout the rant were rather petty and reminiscent of comments made earlier this year about MnM coach Jordan Walsh and how he’s ‘boosted and looks like Mr Potato Head’. Jarge, welcome to the UK scene.
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Jarge added: “No I don’t have the best knowledge of the game in the world, but what I do have is always open to any UK player. If somehow I have offended you then feel free to not contact me. I honestly won’t lose sleep over it.”
Rifty later apologised over his initial tweets and if they came across negatively; he said he meant no ill will.
“I didn’t mean or intend for it to come across as crying or drama because I don’t want to be a part of either,” he said. “I just meant it in a lighthearted way because I thought we could all remain civil and discuss things.”
Others banded in and shared their opinions:

Should we even be posting this story or these comments here? Does eSports News UK count as an analytical forum? Does anyone care? Probably not, but someone’s got to document this shit.

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