Choke Gaming coach rips into MnM’s League of Legends team, gets called Mr Potato Head

uk league legends gashandslash potato head 1

If there ever was a single article that sums up the UK League of Legends esports scene, this might be it.
Banter, smack talk, childish insults… it screams ‘non-story clickbait’ – and for that reason we just had to cover it. Sorry boys.
In a ManaLight talkshow video this evening, Choke Gaming’s coach Jordan Walsh criticised MnM’s League of Legends team, who are currently fifth in the ESL UK Premiership with six points.
He said: “I think with MnM, their mid-laner is kind of a cheese player… he plays Karthus, he plays Zilean, he plays all this sh*t that even isn’t meta and expects to win with it.
“And then they’ve got the top-laner gashandslash who is pretty f*cking boosted. I don’t know what you want me to say – the guy’s pretty sh*t.
“Then we’ve got Prosfair who doesn’t really have an impact on the game. Their team just doesn’t play well.”
MnM top-laner gashandslash didn’t take kindly to the comments – he threw one hell of an insult at Jordan on Twitter, and a pretty unique one at that.

Choke support player (and meme master) Ped followed up with a nice picture of Mr Potato Head himself.
Jordan later changed his Twitter picture to the following:
Just another day in the world of competitive UK League of Legends.
It was all seemingly a bit of fun.
If you want more stupid light-hearted content like the above article, check out our memes of the month section.

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Sophie Mae
5 years ago

Quality article

Steve jobs
5 years ago

Seriously what a load of crap, it’s shit like that that makes UK esports a total joke and not worth watching.

5 years ago

Top quality banter

5 years ago

Best headline of all time