Toaster leaves Origen (for now)

toaster leaves origen 1

Origen ADC Augustas “Toaster” Ruplys has left the organisation – for the time being.
He has cut ties with Origen, he has ended his contract with them in order to play in national leagues during off-season.
Toaster will now be playing for Last Remedy Gaming in the ESL UK League of Legends Premiership, which gets underway this week after some LoL UK drama kicked off in the local scene (including roster locks, player moves and last-minute rescheduling).
In late August, Toaster took part in the i58 LAN tournament with Choke Gaming, finishing fourth.
The contract Toaster had with Origen has been cut short because it was interfering with him playing in national leagues. Which means that although he’s not technically a part of Origen at the moment, he could return to them in the future.
Toaster originally joined Origen back in July, and played in a few matches, helping them to re-qualify for the next EU LCS split.
He was subbed out after a few games, with xPeke stepping in as ADC.
Prior to that, he used to play for FM-eSports under the alias ‘Toaster’ and most recently played as ‘Gakis’ for Exertus Esports. The Lithuanian-born player is a regular in the UK League of Legends scene, having participated in the ESL UK Premiership in recent years.
In August, Toaster posted an update on his time with Origen.
He said in the Twitlonger post: “I’m glad OG was able to pull through in the promotion tournament and secure the spot in the LCS. I’m extremely thankful to Alvar and Paco in particular for giving me the opportunity to play for the team. Special thanks to Soaz for helping me understand the game at a higher level, and everyone else on the team for being extremely nice to me.
“Honestly I got thrown into the deep end and sadly didn’t meet the expectations, but to see so many fans sending me messages cheering me on, sending me heartwarming messages always puts a smile on my face. Thank you guys so much, I really mean it!”
Image source: Riot Flickr
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