TCA, Distrikt & UK Legends top the UK Masters LoL league table after week 1

The first games in the £20,000 League of Legends UK Masters tournament took place this week. We take a look back on what's happened so far.

After the qualifiers concluded and the first few LoL teams entered the UK Masters, the tournament is now underway.

Monday's matches were cast by Excoundrel and Dezachu, with Vedius and Weskerbiscuit covering Tuesday's games.

In the first match of the week, i58 winners MnM drew 1-1 with Sensei, placing the teams in fourth and fifth place in the league respectively.

The other fixture on Monday saw Distrikt (a mix team featuring Origen ADC Toaster, Candyfloss and others) beat Perilous 2-0, moving them to the top of the table.

On Tuesday, TCA beat LF Org (another mix team featuring support Nutri, former Paria mid-laner Vicksy and UK veteran Tundra, playing in the top lane) 2-0.

UK Legends (consisting of Sebla ADC, U K, Energy IceCold/Zhandia, Bowsêr and Shikarì) beat exceL eSports 2-0 to round off the week's games.

The league will continue each Monday and Tuesday evening from 7pm to 11pm for seven weeks over on the UK Masters Twitch channel.

Here's the current standings:


Source: UK Masters website, week 1

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