MnM and exceL to join Last Remedy and TCA at UK LoL finals – here's our week 5 ESL UK recap

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The ESL UK League of Legends Premiership group stages drew to a close last week as the live finals at London Comic-Con approach.
Last week saw Batmani Begins play Sensai, with the winner facing exceL, to play for a place in the playoff finals which take place on Saturday October 29th.
Batmani Begins vs Sensei
Sensei would have gone into this series as the favourites, hoping to grab the win against Batmani and take a shot at exceL for a place at the finals.
Game one, however, did not go the way Sensei would have hoped as Batmani took a strong start and snowballed it into the mid game. They took game one of the series with a push down the mid lane and kept on to win the game.

A much closer second game between Batmani and Sensei saw only 1k gold separating the teams at the two-minute mark.

The above kill was the turning point in the game however, with a smart triple kill by Sensei opening the game up, allowing them to break out a small lead.
They took the second game of the series, and went on to take the third, knocking Batmani Begins out of the tournament.
Sensei v exceL
Game One
The battle for Comic Con was on, with the final spot in London up for grabs for either team to take. Sensei were looking for revenge after their 1-2 defeat the prior week.
exceL certainly did not read from the same hymn sheet as Sensei however, they looked the stronger team throughout game one and carved out a commanding lead throughout the early stages.
xL ended the first game in the 30-minute mark with a decisive push down the Sensei bottom lane, steamrolling into the enemy nexus to take the first game of the series.

Game Two
Game two was a slow burn, with both teams clearly knowing what was at stake. But it was Sensei who took the first blood, however a failed top bush gank along with a mid lane follow-up put the score at 2-2 for kills. The gold tally was almost neck and neck.
Some big plays in the mid and top lane gave exceL a lead, if a slender one. A dragon kill for Sensei followed by some back and forth plays kept the gold lead steady, but exceL made a big play in the bot lane picking up three kills for none in return.
That play was the straw that broke Sensei’s back, however, with exceL able to build on the large gold advantage to take the series 2-0 and move them onto the finals in London.
From London with LoL
Last Remedy, TCA, MnM and exceL will be heading to London to fight it out to be crowned the best of the best in UK League of Legends – and get their chance to take on Europe’s best in the EU Challenger Series Qualifiers.
Join us as we cover the action at MCM Comic Con on October 29th. Be sure to follow the teams on Twitter and get strapped in for an awesome day of UK League of Legends.

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