Last split for Last Remedy: Players set to leave org after the current ESL UK Prem split

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Most of you in the UK League of Legends scene already know that Last Remedy’s players will likely be leaving the organisation after the current ESL UK Premiership split is over.
But I wanted to write this piece because the latest news brings closure to the saga and drama surrounding the organisation over the past month or so.
In short, some players left xL at the last minute before roster lock, giving the org a headache of finding new players (and almost being booted out of the UK Prem in the process). Nutri joined Last Remedy.
Then there was an internal rift between Last Remedy’s new coach Tundra and former co-founder Grant Rousseau, which eventually resulted in Grant’s departure.
Yesterday, Last Remedy’s top-laner Riscuit (aka Rifty) posted this tweet, before saying that the team roster was ‘donezo’:

Last Remedy owner Louis Green told eSports News UK that one player got an offer from another team, while another wants to quit League of Legends.
What’s unclear is that if Last Remedy win the Premiership, will they still reach the Challenger Series qualifiers? Louis says that if three players stick around, then they can still try to take part.
Tundra also confirmed on Twitter:

Nutri and other players made it clear they were looking for other opportunities after this ESL UK split

Rachel “SonaBoner” Dean has also left Last Remedy as social media manager.
On a completely separate note, Nutri wrote this twitlonger post outlining why he’s still in eSports, which I felt was an interesting read given the circumstances.
“To truly stand up to everything you’ve grown up with, your desire to please and be successful in the eyes of others rather than yourself, that will come first for most, and that’s completely understandable and unsurprising,” he said.
“I am not faulting anybody for taking those lines, they’re very safe pathways and often make that individual happy, but for me that is never enough, it never has been and it likely never will be.”

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