ESL UK CSGO Premiership Summer 2016 Promotions: Week Two Recap

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Last week there were four ESL UK CSGO matches, as the Promotions phase of the ESL UK Premiership came to an end over Monday September 12th and Tuesday September 13th. Reece Barrett provides a recap.

FM-eSports vs Reason – Upper Bracket Final

This week began with FM esports up against favourites Reason Gaming in the upper bracket final, which went just about as you would expect.
FM were able to put up somewhat of a fight, but in the end Reason reigned supreme with a 2­0 victory.

Fish123 vs ORGless

Fish123 vs ORGless was the second game of the night and had a very surprising result. Most people were well and truly backing Fish123 to take this series, with the lineup they were packing they looked powerful, but ORGless weren’t messing around and after two close maps, the series was 1­1.
Unfortunately towards end the night, Fish123 were unable to continue playing and it meant that ORGless went through on a default win.

FM-eSports vs ORGLess – Loser’s Bracket Final

FM eSports took on ORGLess in a best-of-three in the Loser’s Bracket Final. The maps vetoed were Mirage, Overpass and Nuke. Only two of the three maps were used as ORGLess won the series 2-0 pretty easily.
The series kicked off with Mirage, where ORGLess completely dominated the first half on their CT side, winning 13 straight rounds until FM-eSports put one on the board, their only round in both the half and the entire game.
ORGLess closed out the first half 14-1, swiftly ending the game 16-1 as they won the first two rounds in the second half.
Moving onto the second map of the series, Overpass, and this time FM had a lot more fight in the first half. They lost their T side in a close 8-7 match. However, ORGLess played a lot better on their T side, as they completely dominated once again to pick up eight straight rounds and close out the game 16-7.
ORGLess then advanced to the Grand Final following their 2-0 win.

Reason Gaming vs ORGLess – Grand Final

Reason Gaming (formerly known as Heinz.UK) faced ORGLess in the Grand Final. The maps vetoed to Mirage, Overpass and Cache. Once again, only two maps were used out of the three vetoed as Reason Gaming closed out the series 2-0.
Starting off with Mirage once again, Reason Gaming started on their T side and picked up an easy first half 10-5. However, the second half was a bit more competitive, with ORGLess earning eight rounds on their T side and Reason winning six rounds on their CT side to close out the first game 16-13.
Moving onto Overpass and Reason Gaming were a lot more dominant here. The first half was a bit closer, with Reason closing out their T side 9-6, but the second half ended with an easy seven consecutive rounds, meaning Reason Gaming closed out the game 16-6, the series 2-0, and the tournament with a big win for the Reason Gaming side.
That concludes our recap of week 2 of the ESL UK CSGO Premiership summer split 2016.
The group stages will now get underway on September 16th. You can see the full schedule for the next set of matches here. 

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