League of Legends UK summer 2016 team roster roundup

More and more UK League of Legends teams are coming together for the upcoming ESL UK Summer 2016 Split.
Recent LoL roster announcements include TCA’s new roster, Nutri and Joekerism (pictured) joining xL, MnM signing ManaLight’s former players, and Last Remedy Gaming bringing on board ex-Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) top-laner Simon “Zvene” Svensson.
Check out the list of rosters and some of the more recent changes below:

TCA Esports

  • Top: Pavle ‘Yoppa’ Kostić
  • Jungle: Josh ‘J3T’ Bhella
  • Mid: Daniel ‘Kroghsen’ Krogh
  • ADC: Matt ‘Deadly’ Smith
  • Support: Neyas ‘Raizins’ Guruswamy
  • Head Coach: Tobias ‘Mowarth’ Sjunnesson

TCA have made big changes to their line-up, with former UK ADC iuKeEe leaving League of Legends behind to focus on competitive Overwatch with Team EndPoint.
Luna, founder of TCA said: “We’ve been close to announcing our line up a few times leading up to now, however at the very last hurdle one player would reveal where they really want to go. This is of no fault of any one and nothing to do with any contractual terms but simply the realisation of the desires of individuals. In reality this is actually great news for everyone since everyone is technically moving towards where they really want to go, however it can be slightly demoralising for some of the players who are still on the roster as they are back into ‘recruitment’ mode as opposed to team ‘practise’ mode.
“As with life, things happen for a reason and in every adversity comes the seed of equal or greater benefit.”
See more on the TCA roster changes here.

exceL eSports


UPDATE (September 5th): Sámma and Nutri and others have left the org, with Nutri joining Last Remedy.
UPDATE (August 8th): Experienced UK players Joekerism and Nutri have joined xL as first-team ADC and support respectively. Sebia and Unsupportive become subs.
Nutri returns to competitive League of Legends after a stint playing for GLB and Choke Gaming’s Overwatch teams.

Original info:
Barnetto said: “Following open trials for the entire team, we decided to keep the core UK three of our Jungle, ADC and Support. Joining exceL eSports for the foreseeable future will be Vladimir “Sámma” Dimov in the top lane and Sander “Zhandia” Skogstad in the mid lane. Also joining us is Josh “Furndog” Furneax in a coaching role.
“We’re very excited to be welcoming these guys are joining us on the push forward!”

Last Remedy Gaming


Last Remedy Gaming is a new UK org with a new League of Legends team. They hope to qualify for the next ESL UK Premiership.
UPDATE (September 5th): Last Remedy have brought in Rift from MnM and Toaster and Nutri from Choke.
UPDATE (August 5th): Former Na’Vi top-laner Zvene has been signed to the first-team roster as GEZ becomes a top/jungle sub.
UPDATE (August 2nd): Wendelbo and Synygy have joined the team, while Carniflexin has moved to an analyst position.
UPDATE (July 26th): Gashandslash has left the team after quitting competitive League. Last Remedy has also hired Jon Ellis as coach.
UPDATE (September 22nd): The players will be leaving Last Remedy at the end of this ESL UK Premiership split.


Top: Lvl 99 Yordle
Jungle: Dividér
Mid: Ńýx
ADC: Batmani
Support: Synygy
Sub: UoB Bluebear
Sub: TCA Danny
Coach: Rayunmort
Analyst: Rhodz

Batmani Begins are a brand new team which has qualified for the summer 2016 split. So who are they and what are they all about? Find out in our Batmani Begins article here.


Info coming soon.


UPDATE (September 5th): Choke have dropped out of the ESL UK Prem after announcing they are becoming ‘inactive’.
Previous info:
Choke’s latest roster is a mix team for i58, but it’s not yet clear if these players will be in the ESL UK Summer Split or not. Several players have left the org since the last split, including UK ADC Joekerism and mid/support player Ped.

  • Top: Liandrid
  • Jungle: Nocturnal Plex
  • Mid: Brixton
  • ADC: Toaster
  • Support:Elmtanu
  • Manager: Tom Villiers


Molotovs and Marshmallows (MnM Gaming)


UPDATE (September 5th): Rifty has left to join Last Remedy.
MnM have picked up the previous ManaLight roster, which finished second at both i57 and the ESL UK Premiership Season 3 split.
UPDATE (September 20th): Established UK coach Will ‘FrozenDawn’ Burgess has joined MnM.

Perilous Void


  • Top: Artorias
  • Jungle: Sancus
  • Mid: C9 Brad
  • ADC: Kr1z
  • Support: Prosfair
  • Coach: Doruk ‘GreasyDrMeat’ Hacioglu
  • Analyst: Greg Wheeler

Perilous are back again for the summer split after tweaking their roster.
Perilous also recently branched out into other eSports games.



  • Top: Teerex
  • Jungle: RyanRyanRyanRyan
  • Mid: Vicksy
  • ADC: Sam “S4mh0dg3” Hodge
  • Support: Bart “Bartiono” Wessels – support
  • Stefan “ioswitch” Heesters – manager and CEO

Paria retain regulars Vicksy, S4mh0dg3 and Bartiono, while adding new players like Teerex.


  • FastLegged
  • Jilkex
  • Razza
  • The Meme Police
  • Whitewolf

UK org Demise.Pro have added a League of Legends roster, sitting alongside their CSGO, Overwatch and Dota 2 teams.

Other teams of note


Aston Aunties (current NUEL champions)

  • Top: Matthew “Matty Triceps” Cheung
  • Jungle: Josh “J3T” Bhella
  • Mid: Mohammed “Wood League” Shahan
  • ADC: Marcus “MSR” Raiyat
  • Support: Andy “Andy” Moore

Aston University’s League of Legends team will of course be competing in the summer NUEL league, rather than the ESL UK split.
We’ve included them here as they’re the current UK university champions and recently represented the UK in the European University Esports Masters tournament, where they finished as runners-up to Portugal.

GLB (now disbanded)

  • Manager: Louis ‘Plausible’ Jose – UK
  • Head Coach: Chris ‘Carniflexin’ Swain – UK
  • Head Analyst: Simon ‘Beldorin‘ Bianchi Andersen
  • Top Lane: Jordan ‘Shikari’ Pointon – UK
  • Jungle: Lucas ‘Lolman07‘ Maurin – France (living in UK for 8+ years)
  • Mid: Jonathan ‘Backlund‘ Bäcklund – Sweden
  • ADC: Damian ‘Defles‘ Filipow – Poland (living in UK for 3+ years)
  • Support/Team Captain: Aaron ‘imaY‘ Ash – UK

UPDATE (July 11th): The GLB League team has apparently now been disbanded.

Misfits (now qualified for EU LCS)


  • Manager: Ali ‘Alicus‘ Saba – Egypt
  • Top Lane: Barney ‘Alphari‘ Morris – UK
  • Jungle: Lamabear
  • Jungle: Kim ‘Wisdom‘ Tae-wan – Korea
  • Mid: Marcin ‘SELFIE‘ Wolski – Poland
  • ADC: Soler ‘Yuuki60‘ Florent – France
  • Support: Ignar
  • Support: Han ‘Dreams’ Min-Kook – Korea

Misfits were formerly known as Banditos – they won the ESL UK Spring 2016 Premiership. They were renamed after their NA team Renegades were banned and their roster was shaken up. They progressed to the Challenger Series and recently qualified for the EU LCS, after beating Schalke 3-1 in the promotions finals.
Expect more roster announcements in the coming weeks – check this article again for updates.
Photo credit: Scott Chouciño/ESL UK Flickr

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