League of Legends ESL UK Contender Cup: Week 3 Roundup

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How are the ESL UK League of Legends qualifiers going so far?
Week two of the summer 2016 ESL UK Contender Series had fairly expected results, with the teams at the top of the league swapping places. Week three was more of the same – but now we know how teams will end the season.
Week 3 saw 16 teams compete, with Desolate and “A League of Legends Team” dropping out, and Irish team Hyper Mecha Ninja Eggs making an appearance in a last ditch attempt to make it to the ESL Premiership.
Week 3 concludes the contender cup for this season, meaning we now know what teams will enter the 2016 ESL UK Premiership.
The Dark Knight
A significant victory was had this week by Batmani Begins, as they beat eighth place GLB eSports, meaning they now qualify for this year’s Premiership with a great last week push.
Batmani will now go into the new season as underdogs but will feel like anything can happen after the events of week 3.
Marshmallow Law
Not only did MnM take this week’s cup maximum points haul, but I get to use the pun I thought of last week in all its glory (see above).
MnM took this week’s full points total, firmly putting one hand on the ESL Premiership for the coming season, ending in second place with 200 points.
MnM made up for week two’s quarter final drop out against Perilous by taking on one of the hardest routes to the final possible, beating Teaser, Last Remedy and exeL Esports on the way to a final showdown with Choke.
Don’t Choke
There was no major upsets in the early rounds this week, with all the top contenders making it safely through to the UK Premiership for another season.
The most notable absence will be Team Paria as they failed to qualify for this season’s Premiership, let us hope they build on this and push again next season.
In conclusion 
That bring an end to the contenders cup for this season with our eight teams now settled and ready for this year’s Premiership.

# Points Contestant
medal gold 3 1 250 uk Terra Cotta Army
medal silver 3 2 200 uk Molotovs and Marshmallows
medal bronze 3 3 155 uk Choke Gaming
medal grey 4 150 uk exceL eSports
medal grey 5 110 uk PerilousVOID
medal grey 6 110 uk Last Remedy
medal grey 7 90 uk Simiarex
medal grey 8 75 uk Batmani Begins

Graph provided by ESL UK
Best of luck to all the teams who made it and we look forward to seeing more from you in the ESL Premiership, be sure to keep an eye on ESL and with us as we bring you coverage of the new season.
Streams by Last Remedy and Rob Allen

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