League of Legends ESL UK Contender Cup: Week 2 Roundup

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Week two of the ESL UK Contender Series kicked off on Wednesday evening with 19 teams competing for the points on offer.
Week two saw a number of teams not follow through from week one, along with a number of new teams entering the fray, as they hope to play catch up to land one of only eight spots in the UK Premiership.
Déjà vu
It was a poor week one for Choke Gaming with a round one defeat to week one winners Terror Cotta Army (TCA).
Week two was nothing but improvement for Choke as they reached the final for the week. Disappointment would follow however as they faced up against TCA again, mimicking week one with another defeat.
Choke Gaming (or what it could become) will be looking to improve in week three as they try to cement a place in the Premiership for another season.
Rock solid
This is a great way to describe Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army, with their League of Legends team proving they can live up to their namesake’s stoic attitude towards victory. Okay that might be overplaying it a bit, but TCA are proving a real handful for teams in these early stages.
Getting Toasty
Molotovs and Marshmallows isn’t my idea of Wednesday night entertainment, but after reaching the final in week one, the team could only make it to the quarter-final stage this week, but points do mean prizes when it comes to the ESL UK cup – and that is exactly what MnM have as they sit second overall.
Rounding out the rest
With the end of week two now upon us, the league standing is starting to take shape with Terra Cotta Army, Choke Gaming, exceL eSports and PerilousVOID finishing first to fourth respectively.
After week two, the race to reach the top eight is starting to hot up, with Terra Cotta Army leading the pack. It’s all getting a bit tight in the middle, with four teams within five points of one another as you can see below.
It’s sure to be an exciting last two weeks of competition in the UK ESL Contender Series, so be sure to join us next Thursday (and check out Rob Allen’s UK stream) as we round up the week three action.
Rankings table courtesy of ESL UK

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