Liverpool prepares to host the 2016 Pokémon UK National Championships this month

pokken championship uk 2016 pokemon 1

Calm down, calm down – the 2016 UK National Pokémon Championships will take place at Liverpool’s Exhibition Centre on May 14th to 15th.
The event is, like, bringing together the UK’s boss Pokémon players, who will get a chance to play at the World Championships in San Francisco on August 19th to 21st. Sound.
For the first time in the UK championships’ history, new fighting game Pokkén Tournament will feature as a competitive title alongside the Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire and Pokémon Trading Card Game tournaments. Event rules can be found here.
Entrants to the Pokkén Tournament Championship Series will battle for a chance to get their hands on a prize pool of $100,000 at the 2016 Pokémon World Championships in San Francisco, California.
Other Pokémon National Championships in Europe include those in Germany (May 21st to 22nd) and Italy (June 11th to 12th).
Players in France will also have the chance to compete in a Pokémon TCG National Championships tournament that will take place on the same weekend as the UK competition.
Past Pokémon eSports events have been marred by controversy. Boston Police arrested a pair of young men last year who were caught travelling to the World Championships with guns and weapons in their car.
And in 2012, UK Pokémon Championship winner Ruben Puig Lecegui had his title revoked after being accused of throwing poo in a Birmingham hotel.
Let’s hope this year’s event is free of such crap.

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