UK eSports players to fly out and trial with bigger EU League of Legends teams

eu team snap up uk lol play 1

A few UK League of Legends eSports pros are being scouted by bigger European teams and will fly out for trials in the coming weeks.
Rumours suggest the player or players – experienced in the ESL UK Premiership – are getting trialled onto EU teams ‘with big money’ and are being paid to fly out to their team houses and try out.
Details are scarce right now, but eSports News UK can confirm that there is truth to the rumours and you can expect to see an official announcement in a few weeks’ time.
This obviously doesn’t include the British pros who are already playing for bigger global organisations such as Renegades (whose Banditos side won last weekend’s ESL UK Premiership playoffs and secured a place in the EU Challenger Series qualifiers).
Previously, players in the ESL UK Premiership scouted by other bigger teams include Maxlore (who played for Inspire eSports), Alphari (Renegades Banditos), Caedrel (who subbed in for the Copenhagen Wolves) and of course, KaSing, plus others.
It’s good to see bigger teams turning to the UK scene for talent, but this may of course drop the level of play in the ESL UK Premiership. On the other hand, it opens up the league to allow for more grassroots players and young blood.
We’ll post more confirmed details as we get them.

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