Who would represent GB in a League of Legends Olympic Games? Scene reacts

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Could a League of Legends team represent Great Britain in the eGames at Rio this summer?
We took to Twitter to ask UK pros and people in the scene what they thought of the UK Government backing an Olympics-style eSports tournament, and which players could potentially represent GB at League of Legends.
Specific games haven’t been confirmed just yet, but it’s rumoured that League of Legends and CSGO will be two of the games in the tournament.
Further details won’t be released until ‘April or May’, so in the meantime let’s speculate. Considering those under 18 won’t be able to participate, ruling out the likes of Banditos’ top-laner Alphari, here’s a team that could potentially work:

Here’s how the scene reacted to the news:

This is what Team Vitality support and British pro KaSing had to say about the idea of playing in a Great Britain side with players from the ESL UK Premiership:

One last thing, Ed Vaizey took note after Team Paria’s support player Bartiono complained about eSports pros being called ‘e-gamers’ by the culture minister:

What do you think of the news? Who should be in the GB League of Legends team if one is formed?

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