Playoff teams confirmed for ESL UK Premiership (March 23rd match roundup)

ManaLight, Renegades Banditos, Choke Gaming and Exertus Esports have secured the playoff spots in the ESL UK League of Legends Premiership.
Craig Robinson provides an overview of this week’s matches.
MnM vs Renegades
The game was a very bloody opening to the night’s games. MnM put up an early fight against Renegades, who were playing extremely proactive. The first 10 minutes of the game were going fine for MnM, with only a small lead being made by Renegades.
But by 15 minutes Renegades had created themselves a strong 10k lead from a couple of successful fights and it only got bigger and bigger the more time went on. Their dominance was illustrated by the Quadra kill from Yuuki at 24 minutes following the success of all those team fights they had been winning for the past 10 minutes.
Renegades ended the game at 31 minutes with a 20k lead and a strong 26-15 kill score.
Exertus vs FM
Compared to the last game this was slower to start with, but picked up its pace for Exertus to get an early win.
Exertus took the momentum this game with winning lanes pre 10 minutes. The game turned into small skirmishes  outside of the laning phase, which went on to extend Exertus’ lead.
By 20 minutes, Exertus had themselves a 7k lead and they continued to skirmish and pressure till the 26th minute, where they had a 15k lead and ended the game. They ended the game with a 20-3 kill score, exerting their dominance (see what we did there?) throughout that game over FM.
Zhergoth and Special put in notable performances for Exertus.
Choke vs CBA (Cliff is a Boosted Animal)
Both sides were very cautious in the early game, with either side taking gold leads back and forth from each other. But at 15 minutes a turning point occurred, where Choke won a fight and swung a 4k gold lead for themselves.
From there, Choke were laying down the pressure for a good 5-6 minutes and took a fight at drake, which pushed their lead to 10k with an addition of Baron following shortly after. With that buff, CBA’s base fell quickly at 26 minutes and Choke took the game with a 17k lead with a 16-5 kills score board.
Apparently this meant that MnM’s playoff dreams were over.
Manalight vs. TCA
The final game of the day echoed the trends of the past two games.  Manalight had generated a 3k gold lead in 10 minutes, but the game was still up in the air at that point.
However Manalight played the map better than TCA this game and pressured TCA constantly to give themselves a 15k lead in 20 minutes from picks and base objectives.
On the 23rd minute though, Manalight had all the tools they needed to take the game – and they did so convincingly, with a 15-3 kill score and and 16k gold lead to finish off the day.

Source: ESL UK
What’s next?
With these victories these are the standings and we now have our four confirmed playoff teams, a week before the regular season ends.
Next week the final games will begin, including the tie for first between ManaLight and and Banditos, and the battle for third between Exertus and Choke to determine seeding going into the playoffs.
Have any predictions on who will take the specific seeds in the top four? Let us know below or tweet to eSports News UK to let us know your predictions!

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