Vainglory's developer wants to launch a UK eSports tournament (video interview)

Super Evil Megacorp, the developers of mobile device MOBA Vainglory, says there’s a big opportunity for a UK Vainglory eSports tournament to emerge.
The firm’s COO Kristian Segerstrale was speaking to eSports News UK at the Vainglory 2016 European Winter Championships this weekend.
“We would love to [introduce a UK tournament], we actually think there’s a big opportunity to be more local,” he said.
“The European eSports scene for us is really pan-European, but as we’ve seen this weekend, Angry Pandas is a top eight European team and they’re based in England. There is a ton of talent from England and here in Europe we have Team Secret, SK Gaming, G2 Esports all fielding Vainglory teams.
“There’s no reason why we can’t build out a bigger, deeper UK tournament scene. We simply are literally seven months old as an eSports, so let’s take one step at a time.”

Video interview: 13-year-old British Vainglory pro gamer Benedict “MrKcool” Ward

Kristian also said that DOTA 2 or League of Legends pros could make the transition to competitive Vainglory play smoothly.
“I think if you play other MOBAs on PCs, you will probably find Vainglory fairly straightforward to pick up,” he added.
“The tournament scene is still very young, you’ll probably have a leg up other folk who are still learning basic MOBA gameplay, and many of the high level competitive players have come from a League of Legends background.
“That said, it doesn’t grant you automatic success. There has been a bunch of Korean and NA teams that have come from a League Challenger Series background and they don’t automatically qualify. Vainglory requires Vainglory-specific investment to do well but a lot of the reflexes and basic MOBA thinking in terms of when to engage, builds, rotations etc all translates well to Vainglory.
Check out our full interview with Kristian Segerstrale below:


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[…] Vainglory's developer wants to launch a UK eSports tournament […]

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[…] Vainglory developer wants to launch a UK eSports tournament […]

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