Halo 5 tournament added to i57 as COD competition is removed

i57 tournaments 1

Multiplay has announced the initial eSports tournaments it will be hosting at insomnia 57 (i57) in March.
The LAN gaming festival will have a similar competitive gaming schedule to i56, with tournaments for League of Legends, CSGO and Dota 2. Each of those competitions will have £5,000 in winnings.
A Rocket League tournament will have a £3,000 prize pool, while one of the very first PS4 Street Fighter V competitions will hand out £1,000 in winnings.
There will also be a Halo 5 tournament with a £3,000 prize pool. And while there is no Call of Duty tournament this time around, Multiplay says it will return for i58 later in the year.
More details on the format, signing up and qualifiers can be found on the Multiplay website.
Razer recently said that UK tournaments like i-series will attract more teams from around the world this year, as they will boast higher prize pools.
Perhaps Multiplay plans to increase its prize pools later in 2016, as i57 will have similar prize funds to that of i56.
This year there will also be i-series events in Scotland and Ireland.
Insomnia Scotland will take place between April 29th and May 1st at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, while Insomnia Ireland will take place between June 10th and June 12th at the INEC Killarney.
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