Renegades Banditos sign new ADC on trial basis

banditos new adc yuuki 1

Renegades’ EU League of Legends team the Banditos have signed Soler “Yuuki60” Florent as their new ADC, on a trial basis.
The 24-year-old Frenchman played some of his first games with the Banditos this evening (Wednesday February 3rd), helping the team to reach the ESL UK Premiership Qualifier 2 final against ManaLight.
If he makes a permanent move to the team, he will replace Dutch marksman Erik “Tabzz” van Helvert, who has joined Team ROCCAT (as reported by The Score).
Yuuki60 has experience in the EU Challenger Series, having played for G2 Esports. He put in several impressive performances in the qualifiers this evening, including racking up a score of 8/2/3 as Lucian to help Banditos beat exceL eSports 23-13 in the semi-final.
The Banditos were formed last month, featuring a core of British players including top-laner Alphari, jungler Impaler and mid-laner Caedrel.
After losing 3-1 to French team Millenium and failing to qualify for the EU Spring Challenger Series qualifiers, the Banditos instead set their sights on the ESL UK Premiership.
They won the first Qualifier final against GLB Blue and are playing ManaLight in the Qualifier 2 finals this evening. This puts them in the strongest position to qualify for the ESL UK Premiership Season 3, which gets underway in full swing from February 17th.
With the winner of the ESL UK Premiership progressing to the EU Challenger Series qualifiers, the Banditos may have another chance to reach the Challenger Series later this year.

Yuuki has played for G2 Esports in the past (Image source: Twitter)

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