Memes of the month (and other nonsense): January 2016

memes month january 2016 1

It’s been a while since we announced we were introducing a ‘memes’ section on eSports News UK.
Some of you liked the idea – but others clearly didn’t! So we’ve stepped back from publishing a weekly roundup and will look back on the funniest/weirdest memes on a monthly basis instead.
If you still don’t like it, blame Rob.

So, just for you then, Rob. Here’s what the UK League of Legends eSports scene pooped out in January 2016:

The Peter Goldingay column for casters

There’s a couple from Peter this month so we’ve grouped them into his own little column, which is sure to be a firm favourite of UK casters for months to come.


His hair, his eyes

Choke Gaming’s content editor Cameron Ramage let us know about this one. It features former FM-eSports player Augustas “Toaster123” Ruplys:


Vince’s new team?

This was created by a mystery meme maker and sent in to us anonymously, after former Choke Gaming manager Vince Clarke said he was considering establishing a new team of his own.
nandos esports meme
Here’s another one also sent in anonymously to balance it out:
vince vs choke
For the record these memes don’t represent our views here at ENUK!

Nose Gore

Can it be a UK memes page without mention of streamer Gross Gore and his nose?

(by the way Cody, thanks for making those weird YouTube videos of me, I think…)
This one is from December, but still…


Shady dealings


Other silly stuff

Not really memes, but a few morsels of randomness from the BBC’s documentary on three UK eSports pros – The Supergamers – which aired last week.


Supporting the support

Another bit of KaSing love:


Tundra’s time

Sona’s reaction to the ESL Challenger Series news.


ESL gets the gifs out

More silly/irrelevant gifs please, ESL UK!


Got something for our next roundup? Send us your memes here.

Our meme aggregation articles are just supposed to be a bit of fun, so if anything has upset you, please let us know

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