Introducing the new memes section on eSports News UK

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Email your memes in to us and we’ll publish them right here.
We know we can come across as a serious bunch here on eSports News UK, but we’re not miserable sods – honest.
We’ll be publishing our favourite memes and pictures every now and then. Maybe we could do a meme of the week?
And if you don’t like it, well… then we promise to remove it from the face of the Earth, never to be seen again.
It’s really down to you guys to find and create these weird and wonderful things, so email us your memes or any you’ve spotted online and we’ll do our best to cover them.
To get you started, here are a few we spotted this week:
Do you nose what I mean?
This meme was originally created for the Team Infused: UK Champions article by Riot’s Ben Forbes (aka Draggles, aka master of memes), for the heading “Team Infused hail ‘easy’ win”, which was based on Alphari’s banterrific comments (is that a word?).
It involves the Pinocchio-style noses of casters Munchables and Excoundrel…

Nutri and the baron minions
He might not play League anymore, but he can still rock your socks off.

UK eSports Boyzz!

Riot Draggles at it again, this time with Ben Hosford in his sights…


Sacco vs Hadow: the showdown
This one was created by Choke Gaming’s manager Rob Allen, after I accidentally stole The Hadow’s seat in the practice room at the ESL UK finals last weekend. I still feel guilty about it now…

Rob Allen again, this time questioning Choke’s tactics vs FM…

‘Twas the night before eSports
Not really a meme, but I couldn’t not include the latest lovely piece of flowery poetry from the scene’s very own party-loving doctor caster, Sona.


Email us your memes here

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5 years ago

Where are the memes about me? :DDD x